Frederic’s experience in Montenegro

Work and Play: Frederic’s Experience in Montenegro

In the past week, Net2 had the privilege of hosting one of our Belgian clients’ employees, Frederic, for his onboarding in the Pimalion Publishing application that we have been working on. 

During his visit, Frederic actively participated in a series of workshops where we provided him with an overview of our progress with the application, as well as an insight into NET2’s work processes and approach to the development of new features.

Asides from our work-related activities, we’ve also managed to organize some sightseeing and exploring tours, to show him the captivating beauty of Montenegro.

We caught up with Frederic for a quick recap of his overall experience.

Have you had a chance to visit Montenegro before?

Frederic: This isn’t my first time in Montenegro. In fact, I was here a couple of weeks ago, although only for a brief three-day visit. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to explore back then, but I must say the folks from Net2 were already proving to be remarkable hosts. This time, I had the opportunity to stay longer, a whole week in fact, and it allowed me to truly experience the wonders of Montenegro. And I’m glad I did.

What are your general impressions of Montenegro? How did you find it?

Frederic: It has been an immensely enjoyable experience, both in terms of the team’s hospitality and my exploration of the country. The landscapes, the people, the atmosphere, and even the cuisine – it was all incredibly engaging! Although the weather was somewhat unusual for this time of year (as I heard from the locals), we’ve even managed to sneak in a delightful and sunny boat trip on Skadar Lake.

You’ve mentioned the boat trip. What made the most impression on you?

Frederic: After the technical presentations and work-related discussions, the team organized a wonderful outdoor activity for me. On Sunday, we embarked on a boat tour of Skadar Lake, one of Montenegro’s five national parks. As the boat glided through the lake, it provided us with breathtaking views of the picturesque landscapes, occasionally a snake or two. 

After the tour, we even visited a local monastery situated on one of the lake’s islets. These monasteries, many of them built during Ottoman times, are scattered throughout the area. It’s definitely an experience I will remember!

I’m genuinely grateful to the Net2 crew for their warm hospitality and for making this trip so memorable.

Would you single out one activity from your stay?

Frederic: Hm. Well, I also had the opportunity to go karting with some of my Net2 colleagues just before a mesmerizing sound and light show provided by the Montenegrin weather. It was an absolute blast!

We’ve covered the relaxing aspects, but what about the work part? How did the work sessions resonate with you?

Frederic: Regarding work, we had an intensive and productive week packed with workshops on the application’s functionalities, the team’s approach to developing new features, and their overall work methodology. I found it incredibly interesting to witness how the team members seamlessly shared information and dedicated part of their work time to showcase their achievements to the rest of the company.

Lastly, what are your thoughts on the Net2 team?

Frederic: After collaborating with them professionally and then sharing delightful meals at local restaurants while tasting the authentic local delicacies, I can wholeheartedly recommend anyone considering working with Net2 to make the trip to Montenegro at least once to meet the team and witness their exceptional work ethic firsthand.

They are truly a professional team that consistently delivers outstanding results while ensuring a great work-life balance!